Sharon Kelly – Lead and backing vocals

Sharon is an experienced singer and performer, who has been performing since the age of 12. She has sung on national television, released singles on BBC Radio, and albums in the UK/ Europe, as well as having session sung for ‘Right Said Fred’, amongst others.  Sharon has made guest appearances on a selection of dance remixes, in collaboration with various producers, which have also appeared in the Top 30 charts.

Additionally, she has been front person and lead vocalist for both original and top corporate function covers bands throughout the UK, whilst also continually writing and collaborating with various musicians and producers to release tracks on itunes.

Pete Farrugia – Lead and rhythm guitars | Lead and backing vocals

Pete is a master at many styles of guitar playing, and has a career covering several decades.  He is featured on the now legendary compilation ‘Some Bizarre Album’, has worked on the British and European Blues circuit, which included live radio and TV appearances, as well as playing alongside Earl Gaines, Al Garner, Fred James, Chick Willis and Deacon Jones to name but a few.

Pete has also backed renowned artists Ruby Turner, Taka Boom, Paul Lamb and Screaming Lord Sutch, as well as being a qualified music educator, guitar tutor and writer of educational material for the Registry of Guitar Tutors.

Paul Barretta – Drums & percussion

Paul has been playing drums for the past three decades, and has played in a vast selection of function bands, touring Europe and the UK, as well as playing for various West End productions and appearing in jazz big bands over the years.

He has also passed on his rhythmic enthusiasm, and taught drums for the last 11 years, as well as being part of Porter and Davies Ltd, who have developed and created a revolutionary portable silent bass drum monitoring system for drummers to enhance playing ability in live performance situations. (See links page for further details).

Emlyn Hogger – Bass guitar

Emlyn began his musical career playing classical piano, but upon discovering popular music as a teen, he found a new love and talent in playing bass guitar, which he has continued playing ever since. He has studied popular music at college and then at Salford University, as well as honing his skills as a producer and recording engineer, and is now a much sought after bass player, producer and recording engineer.

He has played in both original bands ‘This Week's Darlings’, regularly plays jazz standards and original material with guitarist Marek Homola, whilst also playing in top level function bands, which include ‘Vinyl Demand’ and ‘JB and the Misfits’. Emlyn also teaches Music Technology to college and further education students. 

Dan Edwards – Piano | keyboard & synthesizer

Dan is a talented pianist and keyboard player, and as a function band musician has played in many Top-40 function bands accounting for countless weddings, parties and corporate events.   

He is also a regular festival performer at home and abroad, with TV and recording credits which include ‘Sweet soul music’, BBCi digital commercial, Derry Jazz & Big band, BBC radio, to name but a few. As a side man he works and has worked with ‘Barrance Whitfield’, ‘Jack Scott and the Top Ranks’, ‘The Velors’, ‘Roddy Jackson’, ‘Ray Campi’, ‘Sleepy Le Beef’, ‘Marvin Rainwater’, ‘The Extraordinaires’, and more recently with the chart topping act ‘Paloma Faith & Ronnie Kings’ Hustlers’

Dan also teaches piano at grammar schools, colleges, and privately tutors students throughout London, Kent and Surrey.